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Privacy Complaints

Privacy Complaints: How we handle privacy complaints (for individual customers)


The Telescopic Handler Association Inc. (TSHA) sees the importance of privacy to the organisation, its customers and other stakeholders. As such the TSHA is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information that we hold. This is part of our organisations:

(a) Legal obligations under the Privacy Act 1988

(b) Ethical and business obligations

(c) Service to you

The TSHA places high priority on effectively dealing with any complaints dealing about privacy that you may have.

Overriding Principles

At all times the conduct under this policy will be governed by the following principles:

(a) All complaints will be treated seriously

(b) All complaints will be dealt with promptly

(c) All complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner

(d) The privacy complaint will not effect your existing obligations or the commercial arrangements that exist between this organisation and you.

Who May Complain Under This Policy?

If you have provided us with personal information you have a right to make a complaint, have it investigated and dealt with under this policy.

What is a Privacy Complaint?

A privacy complaint relates to any concern or dispute that you have with our privacy practices as it relates to your personal information. This could include matters such as:

(a) How personal information is collected

(b) How personal information is stored

(c) How this information is used or disclosed

(d) How access is provided.

What Do I Do If I Have a Complaint About Privacy Practices?

The TSHA resolves grievances at the local level if possible. If you have a complaint about privacy please contact:

The Privacy Officer, TSHA Inc., PO Box 1304, MONA VALE NSW 1660.

Phone: (02) 9998 2222

All complaints will be logged on a database/complaints register.

You may complain orally or in writing. Usually your contact with the organisation will be the proper person to discuss or resolve your complaint, however, if your privacy complaint is not resolved the matter will then be referred to the National Board of Directors.

Grievance Procedure

The goal of this policy is to achieve an effective resolution of your complaint within a reasonable set timeframe.

Once the complaint has been made, the point of contact can then resolve the matter in a number of ways:

1. Request further information and investigation: Your initial contact may request further information from you. You should be prepared to give as many details as possible including details of any relevant dates and documentation. This will enable the contact to investigate the complaint and determine an appropriate and useful solution. All details provided will be kept confidential.

The complaint may be investigated. It may be necessary to contact others in order to proceed with the investigation. This may be necessary in order to progress your complaint.

2. Discuss options: We will discuss options for resolution and if you have suggestions about how the matter might be resolved you should discuss these with your contact. The contact could also suggest other solutions or give examples of how the personal information can be revised or stored in a different way.

3. Resolution: You will be informed of the outcome and the reasons for the decision. If this does not resolve the complaint, the matter will be referred to a mutually agreed intermediary.

4. If after the above steps have been followed you are still dissatisfied with the outcome you may refer the complaint to the federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


The organisation will keep a record of your complaint and the outcome.

Anonymous Complaints

The TSHA is unable to deal with anonymous complaints as we are unable to investigate properly and follow-up such complaints.

However, in the event that an anonymous complaint is received the TSHA will note the issues raised and try and resolve them appropriately.


For any further information about this policy please contact:

The Privacy Officer, TSHA Inc., PO Box 1304, MONA VALE NSW 1660.

Phone: (02) 9998 2222